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Helping China Recognize Judaism

by Xiaoming

My Idea Is:

Judaism, as of today, is not recognized by the Chinese government as one of China's five official religions (Buddhism, Taoism, Catholic, Protestant, and Muslim), yet there is much public interest among Chinese about the Jews, Jewish culture, and Judaism in general. I have seen this first hand especially in Shanghai such as the Jewish Refugee Memorial Center, various Jewish related theater productions, and Chinese Jewish scholars that write and publish books on Jews in China. Obviously, there is a gap between the state of mind of the general Chinese public and the Chinese government and how do we abridge that gap. There are two approaches to resolve this issue: first is through Chinese government networking to sway policy opinion and second is through swaying Chinese public opinion. For this project, my goal is to sway Chinese public opinion. First through this method, we also may be able to sway the government in the longer term. This is my #MakeitHappen idea and proposal.

I'll Use My Grant To:

Either procure the help of a production company/event planner to help produce and liasion with the school. ~1-2K (depends) Costume for Kids: $500-$1000 Marketing materials: $300-$500

My Intended Audience:

Start in Hong Kong. I plan to reach out to local schools to see any interest in organizing a play around the Jewish-Chinese experience. Outline the benefits to the schools of a broader cultural experience.

I'll Share The Experience With Others By:

I believe with a successful production of a Chinese-Jewish story, it can speak for itself to others. From word-of-mouth between Chinese to kids being immersed in the Chinese Jewish experience. Children themselves will play the various Chinese and Jewish roles in the stories. By growing general awareness, we may be able to eventually sway government policy.

About Me:

Hi! My name is Xiaoming. Approximately two years ago, I learned that I might be part Jewish in my family. I started to research my family history and learn more about Judaism through a blog that I started called allofasuddenpartJew. I've also been keen on furthering relations between Chinese (Asians) and Jews in particular.

Helping China Recognize Judaism
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