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The new-old Israeli cuisine, shared over Shabbat

by Irin

My Idea Is:

I've been trying to tell friends what my Moroccan-Israeli great-grandmother's handrolled couscous was like, but all they've ever had is the dust-like box stuff. The folks at NYShuk are Israelis who have brought to New York the hand-made cultural traditions of the Jews of Morocco. They also teach workshops, including for Shabbat dinner. The ideal would be to cook then eat together.

I'll Use My Grant To:

This would go to supplies and to compensating the services of the NYShuk team.

My Intended Audience:

I'd like to have about a dozen friends, cost and space permitting.

I'll Share The Experience With Others By:

Instagram, possible Tablet writeup.

About Me:

I'm a reporter at MSNBC.com and a contributor to Tablet, formerly the Diasporist columnist.

The new-old Israeli cuisine, shared over Shabbat
#Israel, #Food, #Inclusivity, #Culture
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