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Hasidic Kugel

by Menachem

My Idea Is:

Many of my fellow New Yorkers imagine that we understand Hasidic Jews. But in fact, Hasidic Jews come from a wide variety of different sects—each of which has its own traditions and customs. As a way of bringing together secular and religious New Yorkers—and teach each of them about the other—I want to host a kugel party with the food selections coming from a dozen different Hasidic sects in the New York area

I'll Use My Grant To:

I would use the micro grant to purchase kugel for our kugel party.

My Intended Audience:

I will bring a group of secular and religious New Yorkers, among them scholars, students, journalists, and guitar players, and we'll enjoy kugel.

I'll Share The Experience With Others By:

We will video, tweet, and blog about the kugel experience.

About Me:

As a big fan of kugel, whenever I visit a new community, I scout out to find the best kugel. This micro grant would allow me to share this experience of learning of unique culinary traditions with others, and along the way for us to learn a bit more about what makes us the same.

Hasidic Kugel
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