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Home R&B tunes set to Lecha Dodi and Adon Olam

R&B tunes set to Lecha Dodi and Adon Olam

by Risa

My Idea Is:

I will set Adon Olam and Lecha Dodi to R & B tunes like Ma Cherie Amour, or isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder and I Heard It Through the Grapevine by Marvin Gaye. I will create recordings.

I'll Use My Grant To:

I will pay a website designer to help me promote the project, possibly accompanied by a blog.

My Intended Audience:

My colleauges in Rabbinical and Cantorial school as well as many connections and friends in the Jewish Community on the East and West Coasts.

I'll Share The Experience With Others By:

I will sing these contrafactions at services that I lead, teach them to my friends, post audio recordings on the Sound Cloud website, as well as a dedicated website for the sheet music and audio files. Possible youtube video. Then I will promote it on email, Facebook and Twitter.

About Me:

I am a 5th Cantorial Student at Hebrew College, getting a Masters in Jewish Education in the Spring of next year. I'm a lover of traditional Jewish nusach and trope as well as a fan of gospel, R&B and hip-hop. I love finding new ways to make meaning of our traditional texts that are fun, inspiring and soulful. I know that kids like to sing songs they recognize in the form of Jewish liturgy. I teach music to religious school students and always love to find new ways to get them singing and moving.

R&B tunes set to Lecha Dodi and Adon Olam
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