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Pittsburgh Kosher Cured Meat Fest

by Jill and Peter

My Idea Is:

Kosher Charcuterie: How to do it safely and deliciously at home. Focus on kosher meats/cuts that make good salamis, and other types of cured meat. Have samples to taste and demonstrations on how to cure kosher meats. Emphasis on both the science of how to do this safely and art of balancing appropriate fat content (kosher cuts, animal options), salting, spicing and drying to get amazing cured meats at home. Here in Pittsburgh, we do not have a kosher meat restaurant and local access to high quality kosher meats is limited. Our Kosher Cured Meat Fest will demonstrate that there is room for kosher palate adventure here in the Burgh.

I'll Use My Grant To:

Limited amount of equipment (possibly a smoker), meat, limited costs for venue and event production. Kosher supervision will probably be required for the Festival/showcase. Marketing costs will be minimal (email and social networking should do the trick). Mostly the meat!

My Intended Audience:

We envision this project as having two phases: 1) Learning and Experimentation: Here we will have a small leadership group (4-6 people) working with us to identify what we want to show case and to perfect their production. 2) Showcase/Festival: Here we hope to reach out to a broad selection of the Pittsburgh Jewish community (Orthodox and non-Orthodox, urban and suburban, shomer kashrut and not). We do not know how many people we will be able to handle. Depending on the findings of phase 1- our capacity might be limited. We might be able to broaden our reach if we charge a cover. We are wondering if we could do this and use the event as a fundraiser for the Squirrel Hill Food Pantry (Kosher), Agency for Jewish Learning or some other organization. We are going to reach people through a combination of personal outreach and social media. We think that this should be quite easy. Right now, our biggest concern is too many people not too few and how to manage these demands.

I'll Share The Experience With Others By:

We will start a blog that documents the progress of our learning/experimental phase. For the Festival we want to take some video of the actual festival and put up a Web site that captures the information that we present.

About Me:

Jill and Peter Braasch- We are members of the Pittsburgh Jewish community who came from elsewhere (Delaware and North Carolina) and have gleefully adopted Pittsburgh as our home to raise our children, start Peter's business and hopefully live our lives for a long time to come. We were both raised in less observant environment (Jill Reform and Peter non-observant) and have come to embrace Jewish learning and observance later in life (thank you Pardes... among others). Having been raised Southern, coastal and Italian, we grew up savoring some the fine, extremely unkosher, culinary traditions that define those landscapes. In our spare time, we are passionate about finding ways to capture the essence of these delectable traditions within the framework of kashrut (and share them with people around us).

Pittsburgh Kosher Cured Meat Fest
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