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Pop-Up Kosher Szechuan

by Mia

My Idea Is:

Kosher restaurants (in most cities besides New York City, Paris and LA) are notorious for being mediocre in terms of taste and ambiance. We are a foodie + a designer, teaming up to create a ‘pop-up’ restaurant in Boston demonstrating that it’s possible to marry stellar kosher food, good design and great people. Our first meal, funded by the microgrant will feature Szechuan cuisine (with real heat) and a guest list of young Jews in Boston from different social networks. We’ll treat the pop-up as a beta test for a new mode of contemporary, urban kosher dining.

I'll Use My Grant To:

Buy the food and the implements to make the meal as well as materials to make/fabricate the environment.

My Intended Audience:

We'll have to figure out how large of a meal this grant can support--somewhere between 12-20. We aim to bring together Jewish networks in Boston that dont come together often so we'll talk to 'connectors' and communities to reach that audience.

I'll Share The Experience With Others By:

Photos, a web presence, social media.

About Me:

We (Mia Scharpie and Gabriel Fine) are a creative team with both design and food backgrounds. When we're not dreaming up pop-up restaurants,we run health organizations that rethink primary care and community health, design public spaces, and develop materials that empower designers to be social entrepreneurs. We're excited about using creativity and food to build community.

Pop-Up Kosher Szechuan
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